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Tips on thank you cards for baby showers

Thank you cards are often small things that make a big difference at baby showers. Sending these notes is the very best way you can express your gratitude and appreciation to your guests. Sure, you did give them favors, if that's a tradition in your area. But simple thank you cards convey warm, personal feelings that nothing else really can. Therefore they're an essential follow up to baby showers.

What's the best way of going about it? Nowadays, you'll get well-designed and finely crafted thank you cards at many places. However, there's nothing that beats a handwritten note from you, sent immediately after your baby showers.

Pre-printed, purchased cards just don't have the impact that a simple note from you expressing thanks for their being present and mentioning their gift specifically, has. In fact, a pre-printed card might mean that the guest's presence and contribution at the baby shower did not mean all that much to you!

Conversely, a warm, grateful note or handwritten card can not only make the guests feel good, they even spark off fond memories of the baby shower.

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thank you cards thank you cards thank you cards thank you cards