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Baby shower ideas and party
planning for a sparkling, fun event

Use the right baby shower ideas and you'll transform your event into a lovely, unforgettable occasion! Well thought out party planning can unleash the magic hidden in these events - the spirit of joy, laughter and connection. All baby shower ideas and party planning aim to do one thing - pamper mom-to-be with affection, gifts and perhaps even some sage advice!

Who should host this event? Traditionally, it's a close friend of the mom-to-be. Gift giving is a big part of the event. So, if immediate family were to play host, it would seem they were asking for gifts. However, there's more leeway in baby shower ideas these days, and family does sometimes host showers. Often, at minimum, they help with the party planning and organizing.

A baby shower is normally held about 4 - 8 weeks before the due date. And occasionally, about that much time after birth, if there are specific reasons. Other cultures often celebrate showers after birth.

Who should you invite? Check with mom-to-be. Usually it's female members of the couple's families plus close friends. But current baby shower ideas encourage involving dad-to-be and other male family members. So do your party planning keeping the family's wishes in mind. Some showers have as few as 6 people, while others go up to 25 or more.

Daddy-to-be and his friends might have their own, exclusive get together (at a restaurant / bar), arranged by one of his close friends! Well, that can be fun as well, in a different way from traditional events. Baby shower ideas keep changing and evolving!

Can you hold baby showers for second / subsequent babies? Many parents say yes, it's a great idea, because all babies deserve to be celebrated. There's practically no difference as far as party planning goes.

However, parents already have durable items like cribs, strollers, etc the second time round. So now, consumables are given as gifts (diapers, formula and so on). Of course, this isn't a rigid baby shower idea or rule.

Where should you hold the event? The most common location is the home of the hostess. This has its advantages - no rentals to pay, no transporting stuff to another location, etc. That's why it remains one of the popular baby shower ideas.

Disadvantages include having a mess on your hands after the party's over and size limitations, among other things. So using this baby shower idea might mean adjustments to your party planning. Some alternatives include a hotel tearoom, mom-to-be's relative's home, a community center, or even the beach!

What foods can you serve? Just make sure that the mommy-to-be can eat whatever is being served. This might mean no alcohol, plus some other restrictions. If you hold the event at mealtimes, people expect a full meal. Else, snacks and finger foods are the best baby shower ideas for food. You can choose items like punch, fruit trays, ice creams, cakes, pie, chips, etc while doing your party planning. - Great deals on baby gifts and accessories
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