baby shower crafts

Try out these fun baby shower crafts ideas

The best part about making your own baby shower crafts is that you get to be truly involved in the event! Making corsages, little trees, etc is real fun. We'll present a few crafts ideas for your immediate use.

First let's make baby shower corsages. Get a centerpiece - a rattle, pacifier, etc, something with a couple of holes at one end to secure stuff to. Also get tiny silk flowers fixed around thread, ribbons, rectangular tulle and safety pins.

Here's how to make a corsage for baby showers. Create a 'fan' by folding the tulle. Pinch one end together; tie it with a ribbon, keeping free lengths at both ends of the ribbon. Secure the 'fan' to the centerpiece by tying the ribbon to it. Your shower craft is getting ready.

Tie the free ends of the ribbon into a baby bow at the front of the shower corsage. Use safety pins to further secure it. Next, gently spread out the tulle at the top. Use the baby silk flowers to decorate further. Now pin the shower corsage onto mom-to-be with the diaper pin! This baby shower crafts idea is just right for these events.

A baby tree is another great crafts idea for baby showers. Get a small leafless tree branch with smaller branches on it. Spray paint it. Get a flower pot and piece of Styrofoam that fits well inside it. Place the foam inside the pot. Now fix the branch into the foam so that it stands securely. Hang small baby items to the branches. You have a lovely baby shower tree! You can even repeat this shower crafts idea and have several decorative trees.

Baby sock roses are great crafts for baby showers. Have a package of baby socks ready, along with florist wire, tape and artificial leaves. Lay one sock on a flat table. Roll it up starting at the toes till you reach the heel. Now use the open end of the sock to cover the rolled portion. Secure in place by sticking a small wire through it and twisting the ends together.

Tape this 'rose' to a longer wire (which is the 'stem') using florist tape. Fix artificial leaves by taping them on. Now repeat the process to create as many as you want; place the 'stems' of the roses into a vase for a fine display. This craft is perfect for all baby showers! - Great deals on baby gifts and accessories
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