diaper cake instructions

Simple diaper cake instructions
for cute shower centerpieces

Use the following easy, straightforward diaper cake instructions to make your own lovely centerpieces for baby showers. These gifts look stunning and give the parents-to-be lots of baby stuff at one go. That's whey these cakes are among the most appreciated gifts at showers!

Before we get into the instructions for diaper cakes, you first need to go shopping! Get these 'ingredients' for your baby shower cake.

Cake ingredients shopping list

  • The key component - disposable diapers. Get around 45-55 of these to make three-tiered cakes. Of course, you can vary the number of diapers depending on how large you want the cakes to be.

  • Use a platter as the base of your diaper cake. This can be something made of cardboard, metal, etc. Get a 14 - 16 inch one for this cake.

  • About 10 feet of 1 - 1.25 inch wide ribbon to use as per instructions below.

  • Around 60 - 80 feet of narrow ribbon for tying diapers - again, detailed instruction follows

  • A baby bottle (focal point for the cake). This is another key part of the cake instructions.

  • Small chocolates or candies to fill the bottle with.

  • Other baby stuff for the cakes - blankets, pacifiers, rattles, bibs, booties, socks, etc.

  • Clear cellophane - packaging for your cakes.

  • Adhesive tape to hold diaper tiers together

You can follow these diaper cake instructions by yourself. But it'll be more fun if you get someone to help you.

Roll the diapers

Continuing right on with the cake instructions. Cut the narrow ribbon into lengths of about a foot each. Roll each diaper separately and tie the ribbon length around it.

This can take a bit of time and you may want to spread it over more than one sitting.

Arrange diapers in tiers

Here's the next step in the instructions. Fill the baby bottle with chocolates / candies.

Take around 5 - 7 rolled diapers and place them in a standing position round the bottle. Arrange them so that they're tightly packed, and tie them together with the narrow ribbon. The cakes top tier is ready.

For the middle tier, use around 13-18 rolled diapers. Stand one diaper in the center, arrange a few other diapers in a tight-fitting circle around it. Tie a ribbon around this assembly. Then add more diapers in a circle and secure with a ribbon around the outer boundary. The cake's second tier is complete.

Repeat the instructions to make the third layer of the cake. Use approximately 25-33 diapers for this cake tier.

Final cake assembly and packaging

You're nearly there! This is the final run of these cake instructions.

The largest diaper tier of should be secured onto the platter. To do this, stick several pieces of adhesive tape on the underside of the third tier of diapers, and place it on the platter. Don't overdo this instruction and use too much adhesive tape; else the diapers become unserviceable!

Secure the other two tiers of diapers one on top of the other the same way.

Now arrange all the other baby items on and around the three diaper tiers. Tuck them into the ribbon holding each tier in place. Use more ribbons as needed.

To complete the baby shower cake, package with clear cellophane. Place the cake in the middle of the cellophane sheet, then bunch the sheet around the cake and tie it at the top with colorful ribbons.

That completes the instructions - and your lovely cake centerpiece!

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