baby shower cakes

Spoil mom-to-be with adorable baby shower cakes- or a perfect gift basket

It's a revelation to some people - all baby shower cakes are not edible! Well, at first glance, maybe it does look edible. But it's actually more like a differently packaged gift basket. Baby shower cakes are beautiful centerpieces containing all kinds of products like diapers, bottles, rattles, little socks, booties, bibs, pacifiers and more. Much like gift baskets are collections of products.

They are arranged in layers, with the largest layer at the bottom; then carefully wrapped in clear cellophane. Think of baby shower cakes as unique, creative gift baskets for babies; the first present to think of when you receive invitations!

Baby shower cakes can be a better option than a gift basket in many situations. Like showers, visiting a newborn at hospital, welcoming the new arrival home, etc. They're very visual presents and easily become the hit of the party! And of course, mom-to-be will love the way this gift gives her many items at one shot.

The smaller ones have one layer, although other shower cakes may have as many as four. The number of the items included depends on the size and theme you choose.

There are many themes and a variety of designs to select from. Popular ones include 'Got Milk?', 'Prince', 'Princess', 'Baby Fairies' and others. Or you can opt to give a more traditional gift basket - and there are some lovely, yet practical selections available.

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