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Baby shower favors & thank you cards -
perfect ways to show appreciation

Baby shower favors often seem like little things, not all that important. But they're a great tradition, one that allows guests to share in the joy of a new life. In addition, short & sweet thank you cards are wonderful at conveying strong feelings of appreciation. Baby shower favors and thank you cards are both great ways to express your gratitude.

In some areas, it is actually not a tradition to give out these little gifts. The idea is that the guests are here to support the mom-to-be - and they expect nothing in return. In such cases, it's of course best not to give baby shower favors. Thank you cards are all you need.

In other areas, baby shower favors are considered important ways to acknowledge the guests' support. Just stick with local practices in your area.

What you give will depend on your budget and what the guests would like. Even when you give out favors, the mom-to-be should definitely send each of her guests a simple, personalized thank you card soon after the party is over.

If you've attended several showers locally, you probably have a feel for whether or not to give baby shower favors. In any case, it may be best to check with friends to get their inputs on local norms. Also find out what sort of invitations and thank you cards were sent out.

After you've given out favors and the party winds down, next thing on the agenda is writing thank you cards. A personal note is probably the only appropriate alternative.

To make the process easier, designate someone as a gift recorder, who will note each gift and the giver's name. This written record is a lifesaver for mom-to-be when she sits down to write her thank you cards.

I've met people who said that since they anyway handed out shower favors, they didn't consider it necessary to send thank you cards. Or at most, they wanted to send out pre-printed cards.

The fact is, a simple, handwritten note says that you thought highly of their presence and gift. That's why you're sending a note over and above any baby shower favors you gave. A pre-printed thank you card might mean that their gift didn't mean enough to get a mention in your note!

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