baby shower invitation wording

Write effective baby shower invitation wording

It's important to get the baby shower invitation wording right, since it's the first point of contact with the guests. Your card should convey the wonderful party spirit of baby shower celebrations!

Certain basics need to be present in wordings for baby shower invites. We'll take a quick look at them. Then you'll have a clear picture of what baby shower invitation wording should cover. That'll help whether you're creating your own invite or purchasing one from a store.

The following points about invitations are not in any particular order, nor do you need to have all of them in the wording for every invite. Pick and choose from these inputs based on the specifics for your baby shower.

So here's what should go into most baby shower invitation wordings:

  • Names of the parents to be
  • Date, time of the baby shower
  • Full street address. As part of the wording for shower invitations, include detailed directions if many of the guests are not familiar with the location. You can even include a map
  • The hostess' name
  • Gift registry information, if any
  • RSVP details - phone numbers and email address. This should be part of all invitation wordings
  • Request RSVP by a certain date, say around two weeks before the event. And then, of course, get ready for folks who respond only at the last minute, or not at all!
  • Exactly who is being invited? Is it only the person to whom the invitation is addressed, or does it include her spouse, kids, etc
  • Mention whether the baby shower will be a surprise. Else, as soon as they receive the invites, someone might call up mommy-to-be and accidentally spilling the beans!
  • Special dress requirements, if any are needed for your baby shower's theme
  • Some games at showers may require the guests to do certain things in advance / bring an item along, etc. If so, mention what needs to be done

That covers the ground about what information to include in your shower invitation wording. Sending hand made baby shower invites and cards is usually the best option. You have complete control over the invitation wordings which makes them totally original. If you'd rather not go that route, there are excellent selections of invitations you can customize and print / get printed. - Great deals on baby gifts and accessories
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