baby shower games

Baby shower games- wonderful party ideas
to share joy & have fun

Baby shower games and activity based party ideas add sparkle & life to your event. Well chosen, they'll accomplish a couple of important things. First, baby shower games will get even the shyest guests giggling and enjoying herself, because playing creates involvement and fun. These party ideas give her a chance to step out of her normal routine and let go.

Also, activities generate energy and excitement, and create a wonderful spirit. Many revolve around mom-to-be, so she feels pampered and loved. That's another big contribution of baby shower games and party ideas that promote involvement.

Should you have shower games at your event in the first place? Ask mother-to-be - if she does not want them for any reason, leave them out. On the other hand, if several of the guests do not know each other, you may want to include them in your party ideas & planning.

Which games should you choose? If you're having a theme for your event, it's easy to select ones that tie in. But leave out party ideas that make mom-to-be uncomfortable. One expectant mommy told me she would be quite offended by waist-guessing games!

Plus, consider the people you're inviting. For example, in a co-ed shower, have games that will appeal to the men as well. Take into account mommy-to-be's nature as well. Consider whether she's an adventurous type, or a quiet person, or maybe she's a real party animal, etc. And choose accordingly.

Often, guests need to do something before the event, or bring something along to play some types of shower games. Be sure to inform guests and provide them with full details of your party ideas when you send out invitations.

Your original shower games -
or creative, fun activities from the experts?

Both are great options. Creating your own games from scratch - including all the materials needed for playing them - is certainly a wonderful experience. If you're good at thinking up fun party ideas, this may be the very best approach for you.

You'll have the enormous advantage of playing truly original games - or dramatic, unexpected variations of existing ones. This is definitely my first recommendation, if you can pull it off.

On the other hand, maybe you're one of those who feel overwhelmed by the thought of just hosting the event. And you don't want the additional task of dreaming up baby shower games, new party ideas and more.

If that's you, then you can easily purchase great baby shower games, both locally and online. On the Internet, you can conveniently buy them, print them out immediately and they're ready for playing - no delays.

Choose from well known (and not so well known!) baby shower games like Sweet Pregnancy, Left & Right Games, all sorts of word twists, Girls & Guys, Memory Challenge, plus far too many more to list.

Baby shower games
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