baby shower decoration ideas

Baby shower decoration ideas for dazzling showers

The chief ingredient in great baby shower decoration ideas is your imagination! Excellent decorations need not be expensive or hard to do. Here are some of the best ideas specially created for baby showers.

Use balloons to create the party spirit

Balloons belong in every party! Used with the right touch, they can lend a distinct mood to your baby showers.

Use them to make color spots at various points around the baby shower venue. Use baby booties, teddy bear, baby bottle filled with water, etc as an anchor to tie a bunch of helium balloons to.

More baby shower decoration ideas - always use an odd number of balloons in each bunch. And let the balloons float about 7 feet above the ground - to avoid obstructing the view.

Use balloon bunches to decorate on tables using anchors like those above. Also tie balloons to large baby shower gifts like strollers, etc. That'll create a real cute effect.

There's one special place to decorate with balloons - mommy-to-be's chair. Tie balloon bunches to her 'throne' - after all, she's like royalty at her shower! This is always a great idea. Have balloons decorating the gifts table as well.

Umbrellas at baby showers

Umbrellas are a natural at baby showers! Open them up and attach streamers as decorations. Suspend the umbrellas from the ceiling so the streamers flutter above your head.

Another idea - use pastel colored yarn to fill the umbrellas. Makes a great looking decoration.

The magic of tulle

Run white Christmas lights through tulle. Bunch up the tulle and place it on a table. It gives a lovely effect and looks like a soft white mountain.

Another tulle decoration idea - bunch up the tulle every five feet or so. Then wrap Christmas decoration lights around the tulle (like a swag valance). Hang this on walls and suspend small baby items from it. Tie bows as well. Invariably looks great!

More lovely decoration ideas for showers

Here's a special decoration for tables at the shower. Place small boxes of varying heights on it and drape baby blankets over them. The different heights give the table a very appealing look.

Another simple shower decoration idea - get confetti that says 'It's a boy' or 'It's a girl' and sprinkle on tables. Get both if the infant's sex is not known.

Buy diapers and hang them from a clothesline across the room. Using a marker, spell out 'baby shower'. Just the right decoration idea for showers!

If Christmas is around the corner, try this one. Get an artificial Christmas tree and use baby items as decorations. Booties, shampoos, diapers, baby clothes and so on. Use twinkle lights as well for decorations.

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baby shower decoration ideas baby shower decoration ideas baby shower decoration ideas baby shower decoration ideas