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Lovely baby shower themes
to make your showers special

Having great baby shower themes helps create a distinctive mood and ambience at the party. Themes also generate a clear focus for these events. If you choose to have one, you'll find that organizing baby showers - decorations, invitations, food, games, favors, etc - becomes much easier.

Try the ones listed below. Each has helped transform celebrations into something really special. At the same time, an original twist is always appreciated. So see if you can come up with new ones, or add a unique angle to existing baby shower themes.

Sometimes, there are not-so-obvious benefits to having themes at baby showers. For example, you can get a greater variety of gifts if you use some of them.

Let's say you decided on a 'Baby's First' theme. Before the baby shower, identify several important events in baby's life. Examples - starts on solid food, takes first steps, etc. Assign one event to each guest. And request them to bring a gift appropriate to that landmark. You'll receive many different kinds of gifts. Everything should reflect the 'Baby's First' theme.

An 'A to Z' shower theme will give you the same benefit. Here, you'll assign each guest a letter of the alphabet. She is requested to bring a gift that begins - or ends - with that letter. At the baby showers, decorate with alphabets, alphabet shaped confetti, balloons and cakes with letters on them, etc.

Some themes are a natural fit - like 'Noah's Ark' if mommy's expecting twins. She's like Noah, who brought two of everything along! Great angle for baby showers.

Stories make great shower themes too. After all, mommy will soon be telling the little one lots of stories! Select a story that was mom-to-be's favorite when she was a child. Snow White, Goldilocks or any other spellbinding tale. Stories are well suited for baby showers.

A related theme idea is to use nursery rhymes. Again, pick one that mommy likes. You have lots of choices of rhymes for baby showers - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Humpty Dumpty, Jack n Jill and plenty more.

You could also make any object associated with babies the theme for the shower. Objects for themes include bottles, booties, diapers, soft toys, etc. At baby showers, any such item can be a great choice. Do decorations around this object, have games that tie in and so on.

Another theme that results in many kinds of gifts is called 'Time of the Day'. Pick all different times of the day and allot one to each guest, with a request to bring a gift that baby can use at that time. Or even one that mommy can use at that time! Nice one for baby showers. - Great deals on baby gifts and accessories
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