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Give lovely home made gifts at baby showers

There's something very special about home made gifts - the fact that you've put a bit of yourself into making them makes them different. That's why they're highly appreciated at baby showers and just about every other occasion. Try these simple ideas for home made gifts for baby showers. They're easy to do, and fun to present.

It's best to give something of practical value to mom-to-be. This is especially true if it is her first baby - useful products are highly appreciated, in that situation. One item that fits the bill is a home made gift basket. Here's how to make one for baby showers.

Get something that can serve as a container. Examples are diaper pails, baby bath tubs, etc. Decide what sort of collection you want to give. You can give gifts that are a collection of play time items, for example, or bath related stuff. Or perhaps you might have a specific baby shower theme in mind.

If you want to give a feeding time home made present collection, get products such as formula, bottles, bottle covers, non-spill cups, nursing bibs, breast pump, nipples, etc. For a bath time theme, assemble a collection with items like lotions, wash clothes, hooded towels, combs, brushes, soaps, rubber ducks and so on. All are baby showers related products.

Of course, an assorted collection is also a great choice for home made gifts. Pick things from the above list, and others like rattles, rompers, onesies, diapers, soft toys, baby books, blankets, and many other items. Basically, choose anything that can be given at baby showers.

You can either pack the items individually (which is not really necessary), or just arrange the collection in the container. You might also choose to package the entire container in clear cellophane and top if off with an attractive bow using a wide ribbon. These are terrific home made gifts to give at baby showers.

Want more home made gifts ideas? Try diaper cakes, go to the link for a page with comprehensive instructions on how to make one. It's a bit more involved, but well worth your time and is the perfect present at baby showers.

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