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Fun games for joyful, laughter-filled baby showers

According to some, other than having punch, fun games are the most exciting part of attending baby showers! It's true that playing a few well-chosen, fun games will create energy and enthusiasm at baby showers (and at most other parties). These party activities are a great way to get people to mingle with one another and enjoy themselves, especially is most don't know each other. We've listed several activities to serve as a starting point for you.

Look at this list as an idea trigger. Think up new fun games to play at your baby showers. Combine, adapt and enlarge upon these baby shower games and come up with original ones everyone will love.

Musical bottles?
This is one of those fun games for side-splitting laughs at baby showers. Fill three or four baby bottles with fruit juice or other beverages. You should seal one of the nipples tight in advance (this is done by over boiling it). Play nursery rhymes set to music or other appropriate music - the group passes the bottles among themselves while the music is on. Whoever's holding the bottles when the music stops must compete to finish drinking from the bottle as fast as they can.

It's great fun to watch this - especially the guest who's trying to drink from the sealed bottle!

Balloon carry
Fun games like this one involve the guests fully - so they're well suited for baby showers. Get a couple of laundry baskets and place them at two ends of a room. Fill up one with balloons. Each guest has to pick up a balloon and set it between her knees / legs. Then she has to carry it to the other basket and get it in - without using her hands! She can jump over the second basket if she wants to drop it in. One with the most balloons in wins. Truly funny game. Try it and see.

Cotton balls in bowls
Here's another of the fun games; it's been played at baby showers with great results. Have a bag of cotton balls available, along with a bowl and a large spoon. Blindfold each guest and seat them on a chair with the cotton balls and bowl on a table before them. Spread out the cotton balls around them, set a time limit (1-2 minutes) for them to get the balls into the bowl using the big spoon. They can hold the bowl with one hand, but should not tip it to bring the edge level with the table.

Advice for mommy
Distribute 3 X 5 cards to all guests. Have them write down one baby related question on one side. Like 'What will you do when baby cries at a wedding?" Take back the cards from everyone. This is where the fun games part begins. Shuffle them well, re-distribute at random. Now ask each one to write down the answer to their original question on the reverse of the card. Take back the cards, read the question and answers on each card aloud! You'll find many seriously funny combinations! Ideal for baby showers.

What did she say?
Some fun games should be played only if mom-to-be does not get offended by them - this is one such! When mommy's opening gifts, discreetly have someone record everything she says. Once the gifts part gets over, announce that whatever she said then was also what she said on the night of conception! And read out her remarks! Think of what a simple statement like "Ooh, it's so cute and lovely!" can mean in this light! It's a great game for baby showers.

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